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Recovery is finding a purpose, releasing fears and anxieties, reaching out for help and knowing that no-one has to do it alone. It is facing whatever haunts us, and breaking the chains that bind us to that dark place of despair. It is about forgiveness, acceptance, internal peace and love.  It is a journey, and along the recovery path you will be faced with many tribulations and obstacles; it's up to you how you choose to handle them.

I began looking at the recovery process not only as a Counsellor but as someone who has been on a recovery journey for many years. In the beginning I never believed that one tool, medication, self-help group or therapy would be enough for me to be successful. So, in my own style, I grabbed on to whatever I could and held on. I followed words of wisdom from professionals and layman who had been there, done that, whether literally or through helping others. I found a way that works for me. My hope is that you will find a way that works for you.

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'Tapping Away the Blues' is as profound as it is simple.  I highly recommend it!     Donna Eden, Author; Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

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