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 Comments from Others 

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." -Carl Jung

Comments from Clients;

"Thank you for all your knowledge, wisdom and compassion. Our family is stronger with open communication and boundaries. You helped us understand enabling and how we were feeding our sons addiction." - E.A.

"Dear Jayne, Thank-you for being so understanding and caring. Thank-you for all the support you've given to me. But most of all Thank-you for not seeing my faults but for seeing my needs. Sometimes people cross paths for a reason and I feel you've crossed mine so I can finally climb that hill that I've never been able to climb. Thank-you for that hand to help me up."- K.W.

"Although I didn't know what to expect with Tapping, it really helped me release long term emotional blockages I didn't realize I was carrying around.

Thank-you Jayne for helping me move forward in life!"- C.R.

"WOW!!! It really works. I went into my session with Jayne having an open mind to the theory but questioning how EFT would work. It's amazing to be able to reconnect with yourself. Words can't describe how Tappinf has enabled me to accept who I am." - A.B.
"I'm a teenager who was shown Tapping by Jayne and use it a lot. It helps me focus on tests and stuff and really helps me with my shyness." - L.M.
"You not only helped me reduce my stress, but also gave me the knowledge to help my son with his bedwetting issue and I Thank-you! EFT helps calm me on a daily basis and I've even been using it to control my junk-food cravings! Thanks again for this life-long tool that takes minutes to do and is easy!" - J.C.
"I love EFT because it helped me move forward, I have let go of so much emotional baggage. I now have a job and am actually a functional part of society! Thanks Jayne." - B.T.
"You really helped my son with his nightmares, him and his brother will tap before bed and we have had no issues to date! As for me, I venture outside without even a thought to my anxiety & phobia and have even went in the elevator at the mall without any fear!" - S.D.

Comments from Workshop Participants:

*Energy Tapping is derived from EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques

Jayne is a wonderful group leader. She is genuine, caring, intuitive, attentive, and well skilled. She shares, gives without hesitation, and loves her profession I received great benefit from her experience, and the EFT Method. I highly recommend her, this group, and EFT! Blessings to you, Jayne." - P.K.

"I found it very helpful; wonderful to meet others doing EFT. Jayne is awesome - very knowledgeable and respectful. I feel I was able to release some old baggage from the past so I can be more present now."  - M. 
"Eft is a wonderful tool and Jayne has a comfortable way of introducing and working with it. Come out and experience the benefits of tapping in a group for yourself." - J. 
"Great facilitator who was prepared and very knowledgeable. Nice group of participants." - A.

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'Tapping Away the Blues' is as profound as it is simple.  I highly recommend it!     Donna Eden, Author; Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

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