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I reside in southern Ontario, Canada, and have worked in the mental health field for over seventeen years. I am a Family Addictions Counsellor/Educator, an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (Energy Tapping,) and the author of the children’s book, Tapping Away the Blues.

I studied Addictions Counselling at McMaster University, which began my keen interest in the mind-body connection. While searching for complimentary therapies to clinical counselling, I came across EFT. The results for me personally were nothing short of amazing. I proceeded to train with one of the original EFT Masters, attaining my Level III certification and have continued to share this technique with many clients, both adults and children throughout the years.

I am also passionate about helping others live a life in recovery. I walk the walk and believe that, 'Everyone deserves a chance to imagine the possibilities.'


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'Tapping Away the Blues' is as profound as it is simple.  I highly recommend it!     Donna Eden, Author; Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women