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5.0 out of 5 stars Great resource for kids (and their parents...) Brad Yates

Jayne Ferreira has created a great handbook for kids to tap on a variety of common issues. The clever style and great pictures make the process fun as well as empowering. :) 

Reviewed By Rhonda Carver, Official Apex Reviews Rating: *****

Peer pressure, bullying, academic fears, insecurity about body image - no matter which way they turn, children are faced with a host of daunting challenges to their health, wellness, and peace of mind, many of which often seem insurmountable. Given the myriad difficulties with which they must contend on an ongoing basis, how can they ever learn to transcend their frustrations and overcome their struggles?

In Tapping AwayThe Blues, author Jayne Ferreira provides a proven, effective solution to all the aforementioned problems and more: tap them away. By "tapping," Ferreira refers to the practice of simulating a karate chop while tapping key areas of the body and repeating an encouraging mantra pertaining to the particular situation. Whether having to speak in public, dealing with a grave fear of the dark, or contending with feelings of general anxiety, Ferreira's tapping technique aims to reassure children - and adults alike - that the situation isn't as bad as it seems, and that with confidence in themselves, they will succeed in fulfilling the task at hand. As such, even though it's ostensibly geared towards a younger audience, Tapping Away The Blues features invaluable life lessons for readers of all ages, and, accompanied by bright, vivid illustrations, is an equally engaging and enlightening read. Highly recommended.

Rick Wilkes, Childhood Trauma Relief Expert

"This book offers a great tool for parents to work with their children to show them how to feel better about themselves and stay in touch with their true feelings.The "little traumas" of childhood can have a profound impact on us long into adulthood... unless we use a tool like tapping to clear out the stuck feelings from being teased, unable to express honest anger, and being embarrassed... just to mention a few."

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'Tapping Away the Blues' is as profound as it is simple.  I highly recommend it!     Donna Eden, Author; Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women