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Teaching this technique to children, empowers them to realize that they have some control over troublesome issues and emotions. This will increase their chances of growing up free from negative beliefs about themselves. They can learn to self-regulate as a preventative over their anxieties, stress and fears.

Try to get your child into a routine of tapping. For example, every night before bed you can ask them about their day and as they tell you, they can tap on their points. Or you can tap on their points as they are relaying their events of the day. This helps to clear any lingering upsets that happened and rids the negative emotional response whenever they become triggered by a similar event.

If you are looking for tapping scripts for children, this book has fourteen separate issues such as bullying, peer pressure and speaking in front of the class, with easy to follow along instructions and  tapping scripts.

THE STRESS ERASERS, available now.

For Teachers and Their Students.

Would you like a calmer classroom or virtual classroom?

A simple, easy to learn technique that helps children erase self-limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety and so much more. This book is for teachers and their students up to grade eight, but this tool is beneficial for all ages. It is fun to teach, takes only minutes, and is highly effective!

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