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Emotional Freedom is the ability to regulate unhelpful emotional and physical responses to stressful, unhappy, scary or traumatic events. It allows you to face life’s challenges with confidence and helps you on your path to wellness, self-discovery and recovery. It is difficult to move toward change when you have negative emotions attached to what you want to do. Working on erasing these unhelpful responses to all aspects of your life and gaining emotional control empowers you to move forward. 

No motivation to change? Ask yourself why. Don’t want to pay attention to one of the eight aspects of wellness? Why, what have you got to lose? These are a sample of the resistance to change. Tapping on them helps give you clarity, remove blocks and steer you toward emotional freedom, wellness, self-discovery and recovery.

THE STRESS ERASERS, available now.

For Teachers and Their Students.

Would you like a calmer classroom or virtual classroom?

A simple, easy to learn technique that helps children erase self-limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety and so much more. This book is for teachers and their students up to grade eight, but this tool is beneficial for all ages. It is fun to teach, takes only minutes, and is highly effective!

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