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Energy Tapping - A Brief Explanation.

Energy Tapping is a mind-body healing technique. It’s categorized under Energy Psychology: an integration of energy healing and western psychology. Think of acupuncture (without the needles) meets psychotherapy.

Tapping helps to alleviate negative emotional and physical responses to unhappy, scary, sad events or trauma; it works for adults and children, is easy to learn, a little bit silly at first and it works! You really do have the power at your fingertips.

Acupuncture is based on the understanding that energy flows through us in certain patterns, referred to as meridians. These meridians have points along them that when stimulated, send signals throughout our body. Energy Tapping uses meridian points that signal the amygdala, the small almond shaped part of the brain that processes emotions.

Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. Psychotherapy (or talk therapy,) is a modality to facilitate mental health and emotional well-being.

Scientists have proven that any kind of big trauma (such as a car accident or abuse) or little trauma (being laughed at or falling off your bike) affect the limbic system. These memories get stored in the brain, with the emotions being filed in the amygdala. When something triggers a memory (and we don’t always know what a trigger may be,) it brings forth the emotions from the traumatic event. Tapping sends calming signals along these meridians to the amygdala, letting you discharge the negative emotional response attached to the memories. You will always have the memory, but the emotional and physical responses will be lessened or gone altogether. Likewise, tapping helps to calm any perceived psychological 'threat,' such as public speaking, job interview or even the first day of school. 

Energy Tapping is an amazing coping technique for adults and children. It can be done anywhere, anytime and it's free. A wonderful addition to anyone's, "Wellness Toolbox!"

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'Tapping Away the Blues' is as profound as it is simple.  I highly recommend it!     Donna Eden, Author; Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women