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What The Real Experts Are Saying

Avery-grade 1 - My mom and dad don't live together anymore and when I am sad and missing my dad I tap. It keeps my mind of missing him.

Adam-grade 6 - Tapping helps calm me down when I get angry

Chloe-grade 2 - Tapping helped me when my cat died. I was really sad and tapped away my blues just like the book.

Adelisa-grade 2 - Tapping was good because one day when I was feeling sad and missing my brothers I tapped and it made me feel better.

Sarah-grade 7 - When the kids call me names at school I tap and I feel better

Jivan-grade 3 - I use to get angry a lot at my sister. When I would get mad I would push her. Now when I want to push her I do tapping instead. It helps me to calm down.

Emma-grade 1 - I like tapping. I think it is fun. I use it when I am happy and sad.

Nicolas-grade 6 - Tapping helps me not throw up before a soccer game.

Jessica-grade 5 - I tap now before a test so I am not nervous.

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